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Red Balloons Lesson 4

Thursday, September 22, 2022 by Chele Howell | Red Balloons

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Lesson #4

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Class was so fun today! I love interacting with your students and teaching them through play. I have the best job in the whole world!

The kids are starting to get the swing of class, homework and new music friends. And getting really good at recognizing the MI-RE-DO pattern in different songs! It's so much fun to watch the light in their eyes when they begin to make musical connections! 

Just a reminder that next week is parent week! Be sure to bring your tote bags with bells and homework booklets. 

Also, are you having fun listening to the music? When you expose your student to the music, and sing a LOT, the child experiences fun repetition at home so they learn faster and internalize the concepts and skills in class more rapidly. And I hope they're having lots of fun playing their bells!

Homework Help: This week's homework is matching up animal outlines to their rhythm clapping for Barnyard Boogie. If you need help, look at the number of syllables of the words each animal is saying, and that can match up to the rhythm of the clapping on the right. The little hands are faster clapping, the bigger hands are slower clapping.

Marco Polo: I put up a short video that explains tips for playing "Hickety Pickety" on the bells with your child this week. All the other items are review/repetition of what they are continuing to learn and practice.  

Puppet Shows: Some students have asked about having puppets to use at home. Get downloadable coloring pages that correlate with the Magic Lamp puppet show. You can also print some mini puppets if you'd like! 

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Learning to sing harmony
In class we listened and sang the song Hear How the Bells. The kiddos got to sing the melody while the ostinato played on the bells. We’re reinforcing hearing layers of sound as well as the importance of keeping a steady beat.

Music staff training
They are also learning how the music staff works. Notes are on the lines and spaces, and when they go up, our bodies and voices go up, when they go down, our bodies and voices go down! This exposure is prepping them to read music!

Playing the autoharp helps the children gain strength in their hands, helps them to "anticipate" the beat when they strum the strings, and primes their brain to do different right hand and left hand movement. It's the perfect prep work for playing the piano.

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Check this article about practicing the Autoharp at Home...even if you don’t have one! (http://makingmusicianslpm.blogspot.com/2013/12/autoharp.html)

 And here is a simpler autoharp printout if you like what the blogpost suggests but don't want to get that detailed.

Refer a Friend
We still have a few spaces left in our Monday 2:00 class, and it's not too late for someone to join! If you know any homeschoolers or preschoolers that might be interested in Let's Play Music, please let them know! And remember, for anyone that you invite who enrolls, you will receive $15 tuition credit!

"...We'll see you next week!"
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