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Red Balloons Lesson 5

Friday, September 30, 2022 by Chele Howell | Red Balloons

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Lesson #5

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Thanks for coming this week! YOU are a vital part of your child’s music education.
If there is another parent or caregiver in your child's life that would benefit from getting these weekly emails, text group reminders, or the Marco Polo videos, please let me know their contact info and I can include them on any or all of those communication channels.

Homework Help: You’ll notice that the bulk of new concepts and skills are presented on parent days. We want you to see how the activities are done so that you’ll know just what to do at home. If you ever have questions, however, feel free to contact me. I sent a Marco Polo today showing how to play "Three Blind Mice" on the tone bells like we did in class. 

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We learned a LOT of new stuff this week! Below are a few highlighted activities and their purposes.
May There Always Be Me
We taught the kids to feel their heartbeat and introduced the concept of keeping a steady beat. This is important when you're teaching a child to internally feel the value of notes.
A-Hunting We Will Go
We identified the MI RE DO pattern and sang it independently. The solfege patterns are important in training the ear. All the patterns we will learn in Let's Play Music have a strong cadence pull to DO. When the ear hears these patterns over and over again they aurally can start predicting where the music is heading. Patterning plays a major role in the construction of music.
Chords In Pieces
We actually read music today! Well, our eyes followed a chord map, and we sang the broken chords. The kids should be feeling so smart....yay!
Ding Dong, Ding Dong
Correctly imitating pitches is important in learning to sing in tune, which puts us on a path to becoming a complete musician. 

The Staff
It was so fun to identify the 5 lines and 4 spaces on the staff today!! And so lucky to have 5-year-olds and 4-year-olds to solidify it! We are taking time to let the kids visually familiarize themselves with the single staff. We used our Red Balloon song to accomplish this! Remember when counting the lines and the spaces, we start from the bottom of the staff and count up. Like an elevator! 

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We LOVE having our parents come to class on parent day! It was so much fun singing our lullaby and rocking back and forth feeling the steady beat of the music. The latest research shows us that emotions are felt in the body via vibrations. Music is also vibrations (so is laughter!), and it helps us to both feel and process emotions. Music is healing! Music is powerful and every child needs music in their life. And not just for the reasons and benefits we normally think of as music educators.
Read Carson's story and witness how the power of music aided in healing a traumatic event in his young life.
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Refer a Friend

We still have several spaces left in our Monday 2:00 class, and it's not too late for someone to join! If you know any homeschoolers or preschoolers that might be interested in Let's Play Music, please let them know! And remember, for anyone that you invite who enrolls, you will receive $15 tuition credit!

"...we'll see you next week!"

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