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Red Balloons Lesson 6

Friday, October 7, 2022 by Chele Howell | Red Balloons

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Lesson #6

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Your Red Balloons are so much fun! They make me so happy! We had a great time being silly and playing and they might not have realized how much they were learning. ;) 

I can tell they are starting to feel more comfortable. This is a great thing when they start to open up and internalize their experiences. Keep in mind, when you come to class, they will sometimes behave differently. Each child is going to act and react differently. Some love having turns, some say no. Both are okay! Some kids need more observation time before they open up, but they are still getting great musical input! Just remember to be actively engaged in what I’m doing and don’t force their participation, only encourage.

Everyone has been doing homework and "play" practicing. I can tell the kids are listening to their music, as they are starting to sing along with me. Thank you for making listening time a joyful priority. The magic is beginning to happen! 

Keep up the good work and consistency parents! You’ll be happy with the consequences. Remember parents come on all odd lessons, "So I'll see you next week!" (Re, Sol, Do) with tote bags, tone bells, and homework booklets.

Homework Help: Check our Marco Polo group for some short videos demonstrating the bell playing with our new melodic pattern! You will notice that this week we are using the lowercase solfege bells (sol and do). This is the big red bell and the green bell. 

Also, this week's theory assignment has the kids cutting out puppet parts and taping or gluing them in the right order on a puppet show map. If you and your student need help, check out page 63 in the Reference Section of the Homework Booklet.parent note purpose red.jpg

Goin’ on a Lion Hunt
We're learning how to keep a steady beat when we sing this song. We use the varying tempo in this song to demonstrate fast and slow. What fun! Seems simple, but it's a powerful way to teach them to internalize rhythm.
Melodic Patterns
The songs Let’s Play Music, Hickety Pickety, and May There Always Be Me, exposes the kids to melodic patterns that have a strong cadence pull to DO. These patterns help the child to sing in tune and train the ear to hear how songs should end.
Boom, Boom
We introduced this fun song today. This song helps us recognize a melodic pattern, (SOL, DO) and help us keep a consistent steady beat. Very soon we’ll be using it to practice the autoharp and read our chord music!
NEW Melodic pattern
We learned a new melodic pattern today!! The SOL SOL DO pattern joins our beloved MI RE DO. Your student will start to notice these patterns with their ears and then their eyes everywhere...they are little sponges.
May There Always Be Me
Today we learned the term ‘lullaby’.

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InstagramIf you Instagram, be sure and follow @letsplaymusic_official. There are lots of tips and motivations, as well as freebies and giveaways.

Click HERE to read more about patterning and music and how it makes your child smarter!

Here is a video of an orchestra playing our Magic Lamp puppet show, also known as Aragonaise from the ballet Carmen by the French composer Georges Bizet. It's so much fun seeing the instruments that make the sounds they know so well!

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"...we'll see you next week!"

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