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White Horses Lesson 6

Tuesday, October 4, 2022 by Chele Howell | White Horses

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White Horses Lesson 6 

Keep up the play at home! Research indicates that children learn most effectively through play. In addition to being fun, play promotes creativity, imagination, cognitive, social, and emotional development in a joyful setting that allows for repetition that leads to skill mastery.

Imaginative play encourages healthy development in toddlers. Pretend play allows children to experiment with social situations, explore different ways of using their motor skills, and problem solve in new and creative ways. It also encourages language development and symbolic thinking as they turn everyday objects into whatever they imagine them to be. Pretend play ultimately enhances the child’s capacity for cognitive flexibility and creativity!

Optional home fun activity: Color and cut out the crawdads on page 31 in your workbook
(Remember, these activities are optional but can be a great bonding experience to do with your child during the week.)

We still have a few openings in our classes--Tuesday 10:30 & noon and Wednesday 6:30pm--and it's never too late to join! Remember, for any friend you invite who enrolls, you will receive $15 tuition credit!

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