Meet Mrs. Chele

Hi! I'm Chele Howell, owner of Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio!

IMG_2099.jpgI LOVE teaching music to kids! I'm all about nurturing the whole child, not just teaching them how to play the piano. My goal as a teacher is to instill a love of learning and a love of music in the children, and to help them experience the JOY of making music.

In my classes, my students and I explore and experience music through PLAY, with our whole bodies and all of our senses, through listening and moving to music, singing and playing instruments. As they make their own discoveries, guided by the activities we do together, they learn on a deep level that will stick with them for a lifetime!


For me, the most rewarding part of teaching is sharing the sheer joy the children experience in our classes and their sense of wonder and accomplishment as they develop and master new skills. It brings me so much joy to share a knowledge and love of music that will open doors in my students' lives. I love to see the self-confidence they gain as they learn to step out of their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment and discover that they can do hard things. 

I have a BA in Family Living from BYU with a specialty in Elementary Education and a minor in Elementary Music Education. My hubby and I have been married for 38 years, and we have five awesome adult kids and five amazing grandkids. I began teaching piano nearly 30 years ago to my own kids, and it just grew naturally from there...and now I get to teach my grandkids, too!


In 2021, I had a new student come to me who was a graduate of Let's Play Music, and I was so impressed with her musical knowledge, abilities and confidence at such a young age--like nothing I'd ever seen before--that it led me to investigate the Let's Play Music program. 

I'm absolutely thrilled to be offering these classes and sharing in the joy and excitement of the children and watching their developing brains absorb these experiences and grow like they can in no other way! I teach the Sound Beginnings and Let's Play Music curricula, as well as private piano lessons using the wonderful Faber Piano Adventures curriculum.  


* All classes are taught at Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio, located in SW Boise

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