Sound Beginnings Alternate Registration, no fee

Sound Beginning Registration Page

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1. Registration Fee

The registration fee is $15 per family, per semester, and goes directly toward studio expenses.

The registration fee is paid to Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio, and holds your spot in class. It is assumed that the student will be fully enrolled via the Let's Play Music website soon after registration.

2. Enrollment and Materials

Each semester also has a set of materials that are integral to the curriculum lessons. 

Materials are purchased directly from Let's Play Music upon enrollment on the Let's Play Music website, after registering with Dragonfly Laughter Music Studio. 

Included are student workbooks, high quality digital downloads and an instrument. The tote bag is required and is purchased separately. For siblings in the same class, parents may wish to purchase an additional workbook and instrument.

3. Tuition

Tuition for this one-semester class is paid directly to the teacher, and can be paid all at once or in 4 monthly payments.

$45/month or $180/semester for a single child

$55/month or $220/semester for a family

Payments are accepted via emailed invoice. This invoice has a link to pay with PayPal or credit card.

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To Sign Up for Sound Beginnings:

Step 1: Contact me to attend a FREE Sample Class. Click Here button orange.png

Step 2: Complete the Registration Form below and pay the $15 Registration Fee. Be sure to follow the link to the Studio Policies Form, read it and sign it. You will receive a confirmation email with the registration code you will need to complete Step 3.

Step 3: Enroll and reserve your materials on the official Let's Play Music website.